Global Dance Walk Day
Support SERIOUSLY! A Movie About Play while you
Remind everybody that LIFE CAN BE PLAY,
Just by dancing wherever you are
at 12:00 noon, September 18th!


What Do I Do?

Simple. Wherever you are at 12 noon (local time) on September 18th, just start busting some moves and make it contagious. We’re challenging you to be so irresistible that people just have to join you.

IT’S A CONTEST!:Think of it as a mashup: So You Think You Can Dance? meets Dancing With The Stars, meets the exuberant joy of bringing in the new year! Sign up and send us a video of your dance to enter.

The dancer with the most inspiring dance is the grand prize winner and gets to see their video in Seriously! A movie about PLAY. The dancer who gets the most followers will win (drum roll please)… a DVD of the film and a case of dill pickles autographed by Gwen Gordon, the film’s director!The three players who are the most creative will win a gold (colored) tiara and ’80s disco ball pendant.

How does it work?

When you sign up to dance you can either download a free sticker or purchase a Do It Yourself NOW PLAYING T-Shirt (proceeds from T-shirt sales go towards our film budget!). Wearing the logo lets people know you’re part of a well-organized global play movement and didn’t just forget to take your medication.

Once you sign up you can add your favorite dance tune to “Dance Where You Are Day” playlist! We’ll post the final crowdsourced playlist so you have it a few days before the Day.

Then, at 12:00 noon (Local Time) on September 18th DANCE WHEREVER YOU ARE! Groove on down the grocery aisle, skip across the street (blowing kisses to the poor souls stuck in their cars), or shake your bootie at the bus stop. Wherever you are, let it loose, shake it up…and make it irresistible!

Why Are We Doing This?

We’re a group of passionate playmates and one pug working on a documentary called SERIOUSLY! A Movie About Play (Uh, you may have noticed that you’re on the film’s website).

We’re in the middle of our Kickstarter campaign! to raise our production budget. NOW Playing Day aims to unleash a heckuvalotta joy and play while letting people know about our film’s kickstarter campaign. WHETHER YOU DANCE OR NOT, CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR WACKY CAMPAIGN AND SUPPORT US NOW!

How Can I Play?

Sooo glad you asked. Once you hit the Sign Up button you’ll have lots of options. You can just Dance, help us get the word out, and/or become a Play Posse Leader. Please share this with friends, educators, & community organizers, the WORLD. Thanks!


Become a Partner!

If you’re an organization that cares about play, you can get your name on this page just by helping spread the word. Realizing that it’s both a play day and a way to spread the word about the film we’d be very grateful for your support and would acknowledge you generously as a NOW Playing Day Partner right here on our Website, on our Facebook page, and Kickstarter page. You also get a free DVD of the film as soon as it’s finished…okay, and some kitschy bling too.

*Disclaimer: Dancing in public can induce laughter, lower cholesterol levels, increase hair growth, reduce acne, end wars, increase shoe size, and cause spontaneous outbursts of showtunes! Consult your physician before participating in Dance Where You Are Day!

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